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Arnaud Jeulin

Web Developer - Entrepreneur - Currency trader

My work


I'm the founder and lead developer at Mataf, a Fintech company (trading platform, tools & community) I worked on several projects from SaaS application to large website with millions of pages in several languages. I'm a developer who likes to work on complex projects and doesn't like humdrum routine work. My area of expertise is development in web environment: I work on a web application from the back end to the front end. I'm also comfortable with system administration, a kind of devOps-ish. I'm autonomous, I listen to other. I'm curious, I like learning and, above all, apply what I learned.

Technologies I use on a daily basis (not just a list of keywords):

  • 15 years experience with PHP and Javascript. Good abilities using HTML5/CSS.
  • OOP - DRY, Dependency Injection. MVC.
  • REST APIs - Server and client. JSON and XML. HTTP request/response.
  • High availability, speed - code optimization, Memcache, CDN
  • Mobile - touch interface, UX, Server side development for mobile app. Prototyping with React Native
  • Algorithm - real time calculation on financial data
  • LAMP - Linux (Debian), Apache, MySQL/MariaDB (Galera Cluster), PHP (Functional and Object Oriented Programming).
  • Very good understanding of SEO, Marketing, A/B testing

Mataf, a currency trading platform developed by Arnaud Jeulin

Mataf is a financial website whose purpose is to offer online tools for beginner and professional traders. I founded this website in 2003.
link: Mataf

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Trading Platform

risk management

I'm currently working on an analytical and risk management tool that will give all the information the traders need to analyse their trades. This tool will evolve in a complete trading platform.

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For each project I work on, I have a data-focused approach. When I trade, I analyse every statistics as the win rate, the impact of market volatility on my performance, the correlation between assets... When I make a change on an application, I implement relevant KPI, I measure the effect with A/B testing... Even when I make an investment, I collect all the data about the market and make a full risk analysis.

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